Supporting documents

From 1 July 2023, only Lcsh-recognised diplomas will give access to the Register of Social Hygiene. The Lcsh adopts almost all the recognitions that previously applied. The list below shows which supporting documents give access to the register. As soon as new diplomas are recognized, they will appear on this page.

Documents that give access to the register

  • SVH Diploma in Social Hygiene (issued from 1 January 2016)
  • SVH Declaration of Social Hygiene (issued until 31 December 2015)
  • Diplomas and certificates obtained at recognised MBO and HBO courses and electives
  • Foreign diplomas: your application based on a foreign diploma will be assessed by the Lcsh.
  • Based on foreign work experience that complies with the European directive on the recognition of professional qualifications: your application based on work experience will be assessed by the Lcsh.

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