Foreign diploma

Do you want to be registered in the Register of Social Hygiene with a foreign diploma? Then this is only possible if your diploma is equivalent to a Dutch diploma in terms of content and level. To determine this, your diploma must be officially recognised.

Mandatory documents foreign diploma

Here you will find an overview of the documents (evidence) you need. You can also read here when a translation of the documents is necessary and what requirements this translation must have.

  • An original diploma or an original certified copy of the diploma;
  • A diploma supplement that states the attainment targets (also called syllabus or curriculum);
  • A copy of a valid ID;
  • A recent curriculum vitae (CV).

In order for your diploma to be recognised, it is necessary that the content of your programme meets the attainment targets laid down in the Alcohol Act. Therefore, check whether your diploma supplement/syllabus/curriculum meets the attainment targets.

Translations of the documents

If your diploma supplement is in a language other than Dutch, German or English, you must attach both the document in the original language and an original translation. The translation must be done by a sworn translator. If you send a copy of the translation, you must have it certified by the authority that issued the document or by an authority authorized to certify.

Does your diploma supplement/syllabus/curriculum not meet the attainment targets of the Alcohol Act and do you still want to be registered in the Register of Social Hygiene? Then obtaining an Lcsh recognised diploma by following a (short) course is a possibility. You can then reapply with your new diploma. 

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